We would love for you to join Ngwee For Many and help us reach our target of 5,000,000+ Zambians!

Through the generosity and kindness of people like you, our initiative can make a real difference in the lives of millions in Zambia.

Ngwee For Many

Our mission is to save lives, improve our communities and transform our country.

The work we will be doing will allow us to saves lives, improve communities by helping promote good standards of living, preventing disease, promote sustainable economic development, providing clean water and sanitation, and so much more.

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Let's join hands and save lives, improve our communities and transform our country through.

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  1. Enter Merchant ID: NGFM
  2. Enter the amount you would like to donate (e.g K0.50, K1, K2, etc.)
  3. Under Reference Number indicate what you are donating towards (e.g Samfya Build a Class Room Fund)
  4. Enter your PIN and click send to complete the transaction